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home, Holyoke MA, thursday 10/5,  20:04

I'm writing (clearly) after we returned from our adventure.  I did not have the energy to write a journal entry on our last day, I must've been too busy showering or eating after I got back home.

We had a bit of excitement our last night in the woods.  We were camping under an apple tree and awoke late at night hearing someone monching down the apples like nobodies business.  After some attempts to scare this individual off, we decided to move our tent away from the tree so we could sleep soundly and without any stress.  we did not get eaten.


Our last day started with an absolutely glorious descent down from Stratton.  (actually we had to tackle a climb first but the descent was more memorable) We cruised down some gorgeous gravel roads, enjoying cool morning mist and views of the mountains.  We felt like we were so close!


After some rolling hills, we got to North Bennington and stopped in a cute cafe to refuel.  We got some tasty breakfast sandwiches and drank lots of water, and talked about map fun facts and plane crashes.

We started rolling again and I was feeling it.  Every time the road went upwards I slowed wayy down.  We rode over a covered bridge and through some pretty roads on our way to the second to last big climb. 

The climb was a big one, a steep twisty gravel road up a mountain.  Joe went on ahead as I put it in my smallest gear and weaved my way from one side of the road to the other.  When i got to the top of the hill he was waiting with a grin!  we ate some snacks and got ready for our last leg of the trip.  we had a descent and then one more very steep climb that would take us right to the border of mass.  we only had 10 miles left, but I thought it could take us 2 hours or more.

The final climb was steep and it was hot.  But we were so close, just a mile and a half from the MA border!  We pushed and got to the top and dripped our sweat on the ground.  We took pictures with the little stone that said "MASS 1896" on it and gave each other high fives and thought about what a wild trip it had been.  And then we set off again, another 4 miles or so to get into town, where our favorite people were meeting us for lunch and to drive our stinky selves back home.


Distance: 47.7 miles

Elapsed Time: 6hr 36

Ascent: 3,872 feet

Starting Time: 7:22

Finishing Time: 13:58


Distance: 334.9 miles

Elapsed Time: 58hr15

Ascent: 32,024 feet

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