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pleasant valley campground, ryegate vt, thursday 8/31/23, 20:46


the sun was shining on us all day and we were loving it, especially after yesterdays precipitation.  but even with the suns blessing, we had a lootttt of climbing to do.  our day started with some big climbs and some rippin descents, and ended with 20 miles of glorious rollers (some of which were tough climbs), where our momentum could carry us at least a tiiiiiiny bit up the hill.

today started with a slow morning, setting our wet belongings out to dry in the sun, standing by the lake and enjoying being outside.  We packed ourselves up, joe took a cheeky little swim, and we cruised on out of the campground at 8:30 or so.  


at one point we stopped for a snack break at the top of a tough climb, and sat there for a while looking at a scenic vista while more cars than we expected drove by us on the seemingly sleepy gravel road.  one of these cars stopped and the driver rolled down her window - i half expected her to tell us we had to move - instead, she asked if we were alright.  she offered us water from her house, apparently the best water in the world, asked if we needed to use the bathroom, very sweet!  i wasn’t in desperate need of water but wouldn’t have minded a fill up, so i asked where her house was.  she pointed towards the giant hill we had just finished struggling up for several miles  “just down at the bottom of the hill”.  we told her we’re headed the opposite direction but thanks for her kindness, and she told us we should follow her son’s youtube channel, “801 garage”.


we then enjoyed a fabulous descent with gorgeous views, a long climb with gorgeous views, and another fabulous descent with gorgeous views.  at the bottom of this last descent was the wheelock village store, where the owner kindly let us fill our bottles and we got some tasty lunch.  we sat for a while drinking some cold drinks, and then set off again (up a hill!). 


after lots of fun rollers, we made a left turn onto a gravel bike path and had a blast riding along and seeing other bikers / walkers.  and then we turned off the path and onto more gorgeous gravel roads. we chatted and joked and kept putting one pedal in front of the other, our legs growing heavier as the hills just kept coming.   


we made it to camp around 6, and i was relieved they had a site available for us.  the camp store had some little frozen treats, and we treated ourselves (technically joe treated us).  and the campsite had a shower so we treated ourselves (technically joe treated us)!  we even borrowed a towel.  and then joe even got some coins to use the dryer and dried our wet shorts!

when we were good and clean and had washed our bike shorts, we set up our tent and enjoyed our Just In Case™️ dinner of canned salmon and tortillas.  this campground is on a pond - ticklenaked pond to be exact, and we went down to the water and stood for a while, looking at the setting sun, little bits of fog forming on the top of the water, and all the sweet RVs along the lake.

we settled into our tent early and made some plans for the next day, and now i’m sitting and listening to the loud music and shouts from other campers, our next door neighbors yelling at their little dog minnie to just pee already goddammit it’s too cold to stand here with the door open, and joes breathing as he drifts off into slumber.  tomorrow will be another big day, so it’s time for me to drift off as well (after a bit of reading). 


Distance: 68.9 miles

Elapsed Time: 9hr32

Ascent: 6,813 feet

Starting Time: 8:37

Finishing Time: 18:09


Distance: 109.7 miles

Elapsed Time: 15hr27

Ascent: 9,623 feet

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