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everything comes with a story. sometimes they are interesting, and sometimes they are not.

this story is about christmas morning in 2020.  I am jewish.  I have only celebrated christmas recently with my partner Liz and their family.  this year, we did not go anywhere for christmas because there was and is a global pandemic.  and we did not plan anything to do.  but then on christmas morning we really wanted to make some eggs benedict. but it was early and christmas so places weren't open. 


so we went out to a gas station and got some eggs and butter.  and we had some potatoes and some sausage at home.

and we made delicious spicy breakfast potatoes, perfectly poached eggs, and a creamy luxurious hollandaise sauce, with a sausage on the side.  all thanks to the gas station.

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this is linguini with meatballs.  the most special thing about this dish is the sauce.  it was made summer of 2020 using fresh tomatoes from liz's farm.  we spent all day making a bunch of incredible tomato sauce with other vegetables and herbs from the farm, and then canned many many cans of it.  and it is very yummy.

the meatballs were really good too.

and the pasta, perfectly cooked.

also the cheese on top.  very important.

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we made the buns for this burger from scratch.  wowee they were so soft and luscious.

i also have been making homemade mayonnaise and it makes everything better.  it is featured on this burger.  and also i ate it with the fries.

topped with brie, red onion and lettuce, and sautéed mushrooms from a local farm.

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we made apple pie and whipped cream.

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i'm very proud of this dish.

i got some beef short ribs from the local butcher, and after searing them in a pan with some vegetables, left them to slow cook all day with the veggies and some herbs, red wine, homemade chicken stock, and other yummy things.

served them with rosemary, thyme, and garlic infused mashed potatoes.

and a reduction glaze from the sauce strained out of the slow cooker.


and a salad.


was a very delicious and hearty winter dinner. 

pizza!  Liz and i make homemade pizza a lot.  we are always experimenting with different recipes for the dough, and always trying new toppings.

these pizzas were

1. mushrooms from a local farm

pork jowl bacon from the local butcher

our homemade tomato sauce

lots of cheese- mozzarella and parm

2. clams from the local fish monger

gruyere cheese

lemon juice and zest

lots of parsley

topped with the white wine sauce and clam juice from cooking 

and they were both incredible.

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o wow this was some incredible food.  Liz made this korean inspired bbq sauce at work and brought some home.  i marinated some pork belly in it and then we cooked it up and put it over rice

garnished with scallions from the farm

fire roasted shishito peppers

and sesame seeds

and ofc that yummy bbq sauce

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i cant even remember all the yummy stuff i put in the 2 day marinade for this chicken but it was so delicious.

cooked on the grill and served with turmeric rice

and grilled zucchini from the farm

more food to come in the future.  i gotta eat every day soooo0...

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