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writing about myself is hard!

i have a lot of passions and hobbies.


-photography and video



-outdoors things

and others


so my initial idea for this site was about 

doing stuff outside

and eating food

thinking about the ways we police our bodies and want them to look a certain way

and how we look to our bodies to move us through athletic endeavors but deny them sustenance - so that they can be lighter and faster?

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but i want to push back on that

because our bodies deserve joy

the joy of movement and feeling our muscles and adventure through the world outside and how our brains feel when we are moving through space and pushing our limits (or not pushing our limits)

AND! our bodies also deserve

the joy of consuming

the many flavors, textures, feelings and emotions that culinary art can evoke.

unrestricted by trying to achieve a certain body image.

restricted only by 'what would feel good to eat today?'

so i started making this website

and then there was a pandemic that began and has not ended.

and i got excited about coding and web design and wanted to design this website from scratch. (using like the whole fancy code to tell the computer what to do)

which was a good thing to do because i wasn't working very much from january-march of 2021. (the bike shop slows down a lot in the winter in mass)

but, as with things, there was always just one more thing to do before the site was finished.

and then in march, work got very busy again.

so from march until now (august 2021)

i have been exterembely busy like a busy bee or a busy beaver or some other busy alliterative animal. 


and of course, have completely re-imagined this site as something less formal that i can do more sporadically.

focused more on just photography than EVERYTHING cuz i get overwhelmed with all the things i want to do/say.

and with that in mind i decided after one bike ride to work that i should make an easy site on sum other site like wix or wordpress or squarespace which would let me publish this website without needing to do all the work of coding it myself.

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so, now is now

and this website is the website you are looking at with your eyeballs.

hopefully, this winter i will have another work lull and will be able to dedicate myself to building the site from scratch again.

in the meantime, this will be a place for me to post pictures and other things but mostly pictures because i like them better than words in general.


for updates, subscribe and you will get an email when i do things on here.


thanks for reading <3


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