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hiiiii it's been a while, work has been rough and busy but i have been making my escape into the woods and into the kitchen as often as i can.  here are some pictures of the woods and some pictures of what i've been eating.


my bike in the woods and after a muddy ride

riding is even more fun with friends + lovers

liz and I have been having a ton of fun in the trails by our house, they are pretty rough and super adventurous

this was a lovely day, with lots of gravel and dirt and leaf-covered silliness.

this was a snowy day with some slipping and sliding and lots of fresh cool air, great for breathing

My friends Brian and Althea just bought a house wayy out there and we did some fun exploring + hike-a-biking on some crunchy trails

the most recent all bodies on bikes ride.  we all had to take pictures of our bikes stuck in the snow at our snack stop.

two different styles of mountain bikes leaning against things in the woods

and a new adventure bike!  sneak preview of lots more pictures and a lil video coming soon :D

some pics from a very exciting dirt ride with joe and my new bike.  (the bike is mine only but joe can ride it.  but the ride was with joe.  if that makes any sense) (joe was riding his own bike.  it is the @specialized pictured in the image below) 


buttermilk fried chicken sandwich

bread and butter pickles

green leaf lettuce

herby mayo

fried potatoes


mapo tofu

kabocha squash, sage, and parmesan risotto

lemon + herb roasted chicken

bechamel lasagna

ground beef

shitake mushrooms

spinach + herbs



braised beef short rib

red wine sauce

kabocha squash

herb infused mashed potatoes

mom's famous vegetarian chili

lots of beans, veggies, spices

cheddar cheese


mom's famous cornbread

probably some tasty cocktail idk what it is

water yum!

a candle

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